What is ACHS?

AIM Center High School offers academic programs aimed at helping students to succeed in completing high school. Students accepted into ACHS work with the campus’ staff to design an individualized course schedule and graduation plan that fits their academic and career goals as well as their individual circumstances.

Will I earn a high school diploma?

All students who complete the required course work and credits will graduate from AIM Center High School and receive a Texas accredited high school diploma.

What are the AIM Center classes like?

All classrooms have certified teachers in the specified subject area. The classroom is a non-traditional setting, meaning the teacher will not be leading the class by lecturing or going over notes. Students will be given a syllabus of assignments requiring the student to work independently. Computer based courses are utilized for initial credit or credit recovery.

Any tips for student success?

ACHS students are successful by following the Three A’s:

  • Attendance: Be here. Be on time. Stay all day.
  • Attitude: Be positive and follow the rules.
  • Achievement: Work hard. Make consistent progress.

Course Completion

Students at ACHS should understand the following about the courses:

  • Students will receive a syllabus for each class with checkpoint timelines for course completion.
  • Students falling behind will be required to attend credit recovery and may be withdrawn from the program.
  • Students may work at an accelerated pace to complete the course in a shorter time period.
  • When a course is completed, a student’s schedule will be updated with the next required course.
  • Students must be able to work independently and advocate for themselves by seeking assistance.

Special Programs

At ACHS, we do our best to accommodate the needs of all students. Because of the campus size, ACHS has limited support for certain programs. The following programs are currently not available at ACHS: Dual-Credit, AP, GT, ESL, applied/self-contained classes and extracurricular activities.