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Principal Brandy Antill Behavior Coordinator | Truancy Prevention Facilitator
Principal’s Secretary Stacey Butts
Attendance/Registrar Holli Bertrand
Student Services Callie Stubblefield
Teacher Nicole Stuart English
Teacher Karen Hinch Science | Tech Apps | Health
Teacher Elizabeth Martin Math
Teacher Lana Taylor Social Studies
Teacher Eric Hartman Spanish | Art | Speech | Debate
Custodian Crystal Sides    

Homebound services are educational services provided in the home for a student who is unable to attend school because of a diagnosed health condition. The student’s campus teacher(s) will remain the teacher(s) of record, will provide lesson plans, materials, student books and tests in a timely manner, and will assign grades. A homebound teacher will provide weekly services to eligible students. Typically students are seen for two hours twice a week for a total of four hours a week. As this is far less time than a traditional school day, the student must do 90% of the assigned work between the homebound teacher’s visits. The student must be willing to work independently and accept the responsibility of homework with the guidance of the homebound teacher.

Title Name Contact
Teacher Rachel Ross Department Chair
Teacher TBA
Teacher Tammy Blanchard

Welcome to the Adult Transition Services Classroom. Students learn work skills and skills necessary for making the transition to adulthood beyond public school.

Students gain work experience by working at a variety of local businesses with whom the district has an agreement. Additionally, students learn to perform household tasks as well.

Title Name Contact
Teacher David Lawrence
Paraprofessional Wendy Matthews
Paraprofessional Tammie Block
Paraprofessional Sherry Whitman