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Vidor Independent School District is proud to be a part of the community of Vidor. With the family--oriented community lifestyle, it is no wonder that many former students come back to take leadership roles in our schools and businesses.

VISD encourages community and parent partnerships as we endeavor to give our students an education that is second to none.

VISD Community EdVidor ISD Community Education supports the largest lifelong learning program in Southeast Texas.  We have what you're looking for! Here you will find a wealth of courses to help you get fit, keep your brain sharp, gain a new skill, or just learn something fun.  You will notice that we offer online courses that you may take in your own home, and we have a wealth of classes in various locations so that you may meet new folks and participate in a 'hands-on' experience.   Residence in Vidor is NOT a requirement to take these classes!  We have folks come from all over... so join us for 'learning for a lifetime!'

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Sally Andrews, Coordinator
Jill Herring, Secretary
120 E. Bolivar, Vidor, Tx 77662
Phone: 409.951.8700

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