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The Vidor ISD faculty, administration and support staff continually strive towards the tradition of excellence that has been established in this community. Ensuring a safe and nurturing environment is a top priority in meeting the learning needs of each of our students.

April Employees of the Month
Employee of the Month
Callie Stubblefield, AIM Center High School
Callie Stubblefield, Student Services and Counseling Coordinator at the AIM Center High School, was named Vidor ISD's Employee of the Month for April. She was nominated by principal Brandy Antill, who imparts that this is Mrs. Stubblefield's first year at the AIM Center.  Not only did she take on a new position, but she is attending Lamar University pursuing a Master's degree in counseling and development.  "She has a can-do attitude and isn't afraid to do research to find an answer. Her hard work and devotion have gone a long way in helping produce better prepared students for high school and beyond. She has been able to customize their schedules to meet their academic needs and interests. With graduating students, she is able to help them find the appropriate training, schooling, or entry level job that best suits their current needs and interests.  She provides information regarding community resources during times of struggle and follows up with students, reinforcing that she truly does care about them.  Mrs. Stubblefield certainly understands the importance of personal interactions and connections with students and their parents.  She is familiar with their academic needs as well as their social interests."  Students are comfortable with Mrs. Stubblefield, and she has a good rapport with them.

Cherrise Thomas


Cherrise Thomas, Pine Forest Elementary
Cherrise Thomas of Pine Forest is also being recognized as an Employee of the Month. She was nominated by Laurie Beard.  Both are third grade teachers.  "Cherrise is retiring after many years of service. I have observed her dedication to her students.  She goes above and beyond to teach and reteach math to those who struggle.  As a new member of her team, she has been super helpful and patient in helping me learn the ropes and making me feel welcome."

Debbie Tompkins


Debbie Tompkins, Pine Forest Elementary
Also recognized as a Pine Forest Employee of the Month is Debbie Tompkins, receptionist who was hired in November 2018.  She was nominated by her fellow office workers Kendra Kordie and Anita Dorchuck.  "She came right into her role at Pine Forests. She is a hard worker, friendly to everyone she meets, and kind-hearted to all the kids. She is very helpful and a great team player.  She has been a great asset to our campus."

Cherrise Thomas


Cindy Anderson, Tiffany Wyatt, Michele Harris, PFE
Pine Forest Employees of the Month are Michele Harris, Tiffany Wyatt, and Cindy Anderson, who are paraprofessionals. "We could not do without the help of our aides," intone the Pine Forest Pre Kindergarten teachers. "They help in the daily chores of a classroom, helping students that are struggling and give extra love to those challenges that we encounter."

Nikki Castleman Nikki Castleman, Oak Forest Elementary
Nikki Castleman is Oak Forest Employee of the Month.   She was nominated by her fellow PreKindergarten teachers and has ten years of service.  She arrives at school each day with a smile on her face and a willingness to help her students be successful. Her teammates write, "Nikki has such a great passion for her students. She wants to ensure every child will leave her class prepared for Kindergarten. She pushes every student to reach their full potential.  Being a PreK teacher presents its own set of challenges such as getting your students to walk in a line, stay in their spots, or to remember that you have a name other than 'teacher!'  Nikki also has a special bond with the students who come with educational or social challenges."  She is seen as one who is willing to step up and assist wherever she is needed.  Every rainy day bus schedule, she is one of the first to step up to keep everything organized.  She cheerfully holds an umbrella to keep students as dry as possible.  She also helps with VHS Project Graduation, VHS football, and VHS baseball.

Earlene and Billie Bass Earlene and Billie Bass, Vidor Elementary
Vidor Elementary recognizes custodial staff Earlene and Billie Bass, with forty-one and eleven years of service respectively.  They are seen as going out of the way to make sure VE looks good.  They can be found cleaning, clearing jams in the copier for the seventeenth time that day, replacing laminating film, moving excess furniture, and helping clean up at Track and Field or Spring Carnival.  Ms. Earlene monitors the behavior of students, praising and hugging kiddos before sending them on their way.  She will also tell students to check their behavior so they don't get in trouble. Billie backs up Ms. Earlene to help students be their best. Back when the science lab had a garden, Ms. Earlene helped students tend the garden.  Students would give her plants to nurse back to health, even planting greens in the garden.
Jammie Bertrand Jammie Bertrand, Vidor Middle School
Jammie Bertrand at Vidor Middle School was nominated by Megan Ridgaway as VMS Employee of the Month. She has four years of service and serves as the sixth grade English Language Arts Reading department head. "Jammie is an absolute go-getter. She does so much for our department. I would be absolutely lost if I did not have her to help me whenever I need help. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and goes above and beyond for her coworkers and students every single day."  
Kala Jones Kala Jones, Vidor Jr. High School
Nominated at Vidor Junior High was Kala Jones, a DAEP paraprofessional, who was tapped by Chuck Williams. It's her first year at the junior high, where she is seen as someone who does an outstanding job working with the students in DAEP.  She keeps track of each student's completed or incomplete work, turns in attendance each period, helps students with their assignments when she can, and makes sure they have all they need to ensure classroom success. Mrs. Jones really loves her job and sees the good in each student, striving to help each one see the good in themselves. Mrs. Jones is also working toward her undergraduate degree from Lamar University Beaumont so she can become a certified teacher in VISD.  She is also known for the outstanding job she does at parent drop-off and pick-up.  She keeps the traffic moving efficiently while making sure all the students are out of harm's way when arriving and leaving school.   This is no easy task, but Mrs. Jones takes pride in giving one hundred percent every day.
Margo Ice Margo Ice, Vidor Jr. High School
VJHS's Teresa Parker nominated Margo Ice as VJHS Employee of the Month. Ice passed away recently after twenty-two years of service. "She was so much more than an employee.  Each morning she would arrive at school earlier than she had to and stayed later than necessary. Mrs. Ice devoted herself to 'her kids,' the special needs students.  She embraced each of her students with compassion, love and understanding. She was truly a colleague that all of us, faculty and staff, could count on for a smile and a kind word. She will always be fondly remembered and dearly missed."
Mary Wajert Mary Wajert, Vidor High School
Vidor High School's Employee of the Month is Mary Wajert, who has more than thirty years of teaching. She was nominated by teacher Katrina Morphis and principal Mr. James McDowell.  The nomination says, "Mary Wajert is easily one of the most recognizable names at Vidor High School for more than three decades. Her work ethic, love of teaching mathematics, and ability to push students to reach their full potential has endeared her on the campus and in the community. Many of her former students have gone on to pursue degrees and employment in the math and/or education field. Several of those students are now teaching math right here in Vidor ISD. In fact, you may be able to find some of her students working on virtually every campus in our district. She has had a tremendous impact in her more than thirty years with Vidor High School, and we are blessed to have her on our faculty."  Wajert is generally the first to arrive and the last to leave. Getting here before daylight many days means you can find her in the teacher workroom or her classroom making sure everything is fully prepared to deliver her lessons for the day. She is a true treasure at Vidor High School and makes the campus a better place to work and learn.

Employee of the Month Nominations
Please consider who you might nominate from your campus or department to be employee of the month. You may print the form from the link below. Send it to your campus principal or department director. A RECENT PHOTOGRAPH MUST BE ATTACHED TO YOUR SUBMISSION FOR YOUR NOMINEE TO BE CONSIDERED. Photos may also be emailed to

Employee of the Month Form

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