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The Vidor ISD faculty, administration and support staff continually strive towards the tradition of excellence that has been established in this community. Ensuring a safe and nurturing environment is a top priority in meeting the learning needs of each of our students.

Employees of the Month
Employee of the Month
December District Employee of the Month
Pam Packard, Vidor Jr. High
Vidor ISD recognized VJHS English/Language Arts teacher Pam Packard as the December employee of the month. She was recognized at the January board meeting.  Nominated by the junior high faculty and staff, Mrs. Packard is seen as positive, enthusiastic, innovative, and a highly effective teacher who is committed to the success of every student on the campus, not just those she sees daily.  One of her co-workers, Mrs. Patton, says this:  "Pam Packard totally loves her students and they love her in return.  No one is more dedicated.  She spends hours after school getting her department work done. She spoils us terribly (us being the people in the 7th grade department). She runs papers for us, sends us copies of any materials that she uses. Above all, she makes everyone she comes in contact with feel special and deserving."  Packard spends hours volunteering her time to the children in her church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She also spends many hours working with the Boy Scouts and supports her sons in their endeavors to each Eagle Scout status.  She has recently incorporated Google Classroom into her teaching creating an engaging way of learning for her students.  VJH greatly appreciates her risk-taking spirit and enthusiasm.
Jammie Bertrand
Jammie Bertrand, Vidor Middle School 
Vidor Middle School's employee of the month for December is Jammie Bertrand.  She is sixth grade reading department head and is in her second year of teaching reading and social students at VMS.  She was nominated by Courtney Williams, who says, "Jammie is always working hard to help her students succeed.  She is willing to do whatever she has to to make herself and her team successful.  She truly loves what she does and gives it her all. She is one of a kind!"
Eric Hartman
Eric Hartman, AIM Center High School
AIM Center High School recognized Eric Hartman as their December employee of the month.  He was nominated by Stacey Butts, who says his job title is "Teacher Extraordinaire."  He is not only seen as an outstanding teacher, but as a fabulous mentor for AIM Center students.  He teaches a wide variety of electives including Spanish, Debate, and Art during his class time.  His laid-back personality make this fun rather than frustrating. He is also very active in his church and plans events for the youth of the community.  He has a yearly Ironman and Mud Run competition as well as Halloween trails through the woods at his home.  He allows different school organizations to hold events there as well. Butts says, "At any given moment, there is a minimum of 15 students working at various spots in various subjects in his class, and no matter what the students are doing, when it is time for a debate everyone pays attention.  Mr. Hartman is prepared no matter the subject, and it amazes the students that people can disagree on a subject without getting angry at the other person."
Pat Wingerson
Pat Wingerson, Oak Forest Elementary
Pat Wingerson is Oak Forest Elementary's December employee of the month.  She is a computer lab paraprofessional who has worked at Oak Forest for many years.  Ms. Pat, as she is known to everyone at Oak Forest, is instrumental to the campus in a number of ways.  She serves as a computer lab aide, but also helps with music and PE programs.  She assists teachers in those classes in preparing for such programs as winter music, Texas Public Schools Week, and track and field day.  She sees nearly every Oak Forest student as they come through her lab, and she makes a point to get to know each one and his or her needs.  Whether it is academic, social, or emotional, she is always there to support her students.  The kids know she is always looking out for them.

Nate Smith
Eric Rees, Mark Silver, Melissa Story, Christi Richey, Vidor High School
Vidor High School recognized four staff members as their December employees of the month. They are Christi Richey, Raymond Eric Rees, Mark Silver, and Melissa Story.  They were nominated by the principal, Mr. Travis Maines. She chose these four teachers because of the great amount of effort they put forth to cover Mr. Howard Bailey's classes in his absence.  They stepped up to teach classes and added students with a great attitude. They are very valuable to Vidor High School, and each one is to be lauded and appreciated for being a great team player.

Trisha Barnes

Trisha Barnes, Vidor Jr. High
Trisha Barnes was recognized as Vidor Junior High's January Employee of the Month.  She is a wonderful asset to the campus, always being willing to go the extra step when it concerns the students.  She organizes and works with outside sources to make sure students who need a little extra food over the weekend do not go hungry. She tends to find the student who needs a little more TLC and makes sure that he or she has a compassionate adult on campus.  She spent many years as the Brig sponsor and left a legacy of talent and hard work. All the young ladies privileged to be Brigettes under her supervision have an abundance of life lessons to look back on when needed.  

Kim Gebhart

Kim Gebhart, Vidor Middle School
Kim Gebhart is Vidor Middle School's January Employee of the Month. She was nominated by Glenna Landry.  She has fourteen years of service and is an Applied English/Language Arts teacher.  She goes above and beyond when she teachers. She is concerned not only about the educational needs of her students, but also the personal ones.  She has spent a majority of this school year working diligently with one student she has who can't identify the letters of the alphabet. She wants to helping him with letter identification so he can learn how to read.

Trisha Barnes

Janis Smith, Cindy Anderson, Michele Sonnier, Pine Forest Elementary
Pine Forest recognized their PreKindergarten paraprofessionals Cindy Anderson, Michele Sonnier, and Janis Smith as their January Employees of the Month.  They were nominated by Tonya George, Jana Peace, and Lori Carpenter.  They are seen as staff who go above and beyond to enrich the learning environment and always being willing to help out in any way.  They help students learn to be successful at everyday tasks and are there with an extra smile and hug when needed.  They also change the display case in the front entry for all visitors to enjoy.  They never complain about anything that's asked of them.  "They are the peanut butter to our jelly and the mac to our cheese!" says one nominator.

Employee of the Month Nominations
Please consider who you might nominate from your campus or department to be employee of the month. You may print the form from the link below. Send it to your campus principal or department director. A RECENT PHOTOGRAPH MUST BE ATTACHED TO YOUR SUBMISSION FOR YOUR NOMINEE TO BE CONSIDERED. Photos may also be emailed to

Employee of the Month Form

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