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Theatre Arts I
This course is an overview of theatre in general.  Students will learn of the various aspects of theatre and theatre history.  Students will learn the basics of the acting process by performing pantomimes, monologues and short scenes.  Included will be a general understanding and practical use of character analysis, character development and character traits.  Students will also learn about the technical side of a performance, such as directing and designing.  No prerequisite.  Grade 9-12. (1 credit)
Theatre Arts II-IV
This course is a continuation of Theatre Arts I.  Students will do more in-depth work with characterization.  The students will begin to work on voice and diction for the theatre as well as learn all the techniques of set design, costuming, make-up and the producing of a play.  Students will have the opportunity to perform monologues and scenes with the possibility of performing in productions.  Prerequisite: Theatre Arts I. Grade 10-12. (1 credit)

Theatre Production I-IV

These courses are co-curricular laboratories for the exploration, development and synthesis of all the elements of theatre, emphasizing in acting.  This course concentrates on theories, information and techniques as well as integrating those ideas and skills into smaller classroom performances.  Practical experiences in acting and stagecraft are provided through the preparation and public performances of one or more plays.  By audition only. Prerequisite:  Student must have teacher recommendation.  Grade 9-12. (1 credit each year)
Technical Theatre I-IV
This course is a co-curricular laboratory focusing specifically on the technical aspects of a production. Students will learn design work in lighting, sets, costumes and make up, and sound. These students will also be the technical crew for public performances of one or more plays. Prerequisite: Student must have teacher recommendation. Grade 9-12. (1 credit each year)


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