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VJHS Attendance
1.  Students must be in attendance 90% of days during a semester to receive credit in a class.
2.  When returning to school after an absence, a student must bring a note signed by the parent describing the reason for absence.
3.  Absentee permits must be obtained by the student before school in attendance office.
4.  A student has 3 days to get an unexcused absence changed to an excused absence.
5.  An automated calling system will call the student's home the night of absence from school.
6.  Parents should contact the office on the morning of a student's absence.
7.  Students should bring a note from home if they must leave during the day for appointments.
8.  All students leaving campus must be signed out of school in the registrar's office.
9.  Students who are absent from school for any reason will not be allowed to participate in school-related activities that day.
10.  Students who are absent from school without permission will be considered truant and will be subject to disciplinary action.

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