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Classes at VJHS

The courses offered at VJHS are designed to take students from foundational elementary skill sets to the knowledge and comprehension of concepts needed in preparation for high school and beyond. Core curricular courses in Math, English, Social Studies and Science are enhanced with a variety of electives designed to give students a well-rounded educational opportunity.

Math Stresses concepts, skills and basic operations associated with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, ratios and measurement.
Algebra is offered to students who qualify through a number of criteria and will be awarded high school credit upon successful completion.
English Language Arts A combination of the study of literary forms and basic reading skills and the further development of all communication skills emphasizing grammar including STAAR writing skills. [Click here for our Library ServicesResources]
Social Studies: 7th Grade Texas History An intensive study of the state including geography, Indians, discovery and exploration, and the development of modern  Texas .
Social Studies: 8th Grade American History This course covers  America 's history from colonization to 1865.
Science A general study including the sciences of life, earth, chemistry, and physics. [Click here to see our eye dissection lab]
Computer Literacy: 8th Grade required A required semester technology course designed to document technology proficiencies at the jr. high level.
21st Century Skills: 7th Grade required In this class, students will explore their interests and explore career choices.  They will create a “10 Year Plan” that includes information about their job of choice, learn about what education is needed to land that career, where they plan to complete their education needed and identify some lifestyle goals.  They will also complete a basic resume and fill out a real job application to prepare for real life experiences along with learning about soft skills. They will also be introduced to coding and learn valuable digital literacy skills and how to navigate the internet safely.
Computer Programming: Python (7th grade or 8th Grade) Students in this class will learn the computer programming language Python using www.learning.com curriculum.  Class will be student paced and they will have an opportunity to complete up to 40 lessons where they progress from drag and drop coding to text based programming as students work independently and in small group to complete this project based online curriculum.  They will learn about computational thinking skills, and will work through a 2 part course.
Intro to Video Game Design (Prerequisite Computer Programming with Python)

Game Design is a 10-lesson course in which students learn to create games in Python. It covers game design concepts including taking turns, moving objects, collisions, random numbers, avoiding hazards and getting points. After the Python course, students will learn about Raspberry Pis and will have an intro programming in a real world programming editor.

Intro to Robotics:(7th or 8th Grade if space allows)

In this class, students will work together in small teams to design, build and program Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots. They will learn programming terminology and practice and develop the 4 Cs (critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication)

Advanced Robotics (prerequisite Intro to Robotics and teacher recommendation) In this class, students will work together in small teams to design, build and program Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots to compete in TCEA or other robotics contest. Contest is held in January. After contest, students will continue to collaborate together to perform a variety of tasks.
Physical Education/Athletics An introduction of several sports and activities for the improvement of skill levels in individual, dual, and team sports.
Athletics is a full year commitment.
Fine Arts: Band Emphasis on instrumental techniques, music theory, mental and physical discipline.
Fine Arts: Choir Development of musical techniques, theory, and preparation.
Fine Arts: Art Emphasis on the expression of the individual through drawing, painting, ceramics, and crafts.
Fine Arts: Speech and Drama
(2017 presentations)
Helps develop awareness and self-confidence in communication skills. Emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of public speaking and interpretive reading.
Students will learn the basics of acting, character analysis, character development, and theatre history.
Spanish Study of advanced language with emphasis placed on speaking, reading and writing to help the student become proficient in the language.
Home Economics Students learn skills to prepare them for life outside of their parents home and give them tools to adapt to different situations involving: values, self-esteem, communication, teamwork, self-sufficiency, independence, healthy living.
Horticulture Introduction to horticultural sciences with emphasis on technical skills and career opportunities.


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