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VJHS Discipline
*Oral Correction
*Cooling-off time or "time-out"
*Seating changes in the classroom
*Counseling by teachers, counselors, or administrative personnel
*Parent-teacher conferences
*Temporary confiscation of items that disrupt the educational process
*Rewards or demerits
*Behavioral contracts
*Sending to assigned area or to in-school suspension
*Assigned school duties other than class tasks
*Withdrawal of privileges such as participation in extracurricular activities and eligibility for seeking and holding honorary offices or positions of leadership
*School-assessed and school-administered probation
*Withdrawal or restriction of bus privileges.
*Corporal punishment
*Referral to an outside agency and/or legal authority for criminal prosecution in addition to disciplinary measures imposed by the District
*Other strategies and consequences as specified by the Student code of conduct
*Administrative referral

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