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VJHS Dress Code

The district’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, to prevent disruptions, and to minimize safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with the following:
There is an expectation and a requirement for students to dress in a neat and orderly fashion. While dress code regulations apply to the regular school day only, school personnel has an obligation to address and correct dress and personal appearance that causes distractions, confusion, and/or possibly harm to the individual when the student is in regular attendance or at a school-sponsored function.
When extremes in dress and/or personal appearance cause any of the aforementioned, the school will ask that the individual change into more appropriate attire and/or conform to acceptable personal grooming standards for the normal functioning of the school. The final decision regarding school attire and proper school grooming standards is left to the discretion of the school personnel. The following guidelines are offered and are subject to revision throughout the school year:

• Sleeveless shirts/blouses, tank tops, halters, see-through blouses, or tops with low neck lines are not permitted. All shirts/blouses must have sleeves, short or long. “Cold-shoulder” or “cut-out shoulder” shirts are allowed but must have a minimum of 2 inches of material from the neckline to the open shoulder.
• Midriffs and backs must not be exposed; tops must be long enough to tuck into pants when arms are raised.
• Jeggings and/or leggings are not considered a pant. They may be worn under an appropriate length dress/skirt.
• Jeans or other apparel should not be deliberately mutilated. Any holes that are above the knee should be patched and jeans should be properly hemmed.
• Jeans or pants should fit and should be worn at the waist. They should not be wider than the foot at the cuff and should not be longer than the bottom of the heel.
• Inappropriate patches, pictures, symbols, writing, slogans, or quotes-either attached to or painted on clothing are not to be worn.
• Pants should not have excessive pockets, buckles, or straps down the pant leg. (Carpenter style is acceptable).
• Shorts and skorts should be knee length. Capri style pants must come to mid-calf.
• Dresses and skirts should be at or below the kneecap. Exceptions will be made for extra- curricular activities.
• Trench coats will not be allowed.
• Hair should be neat, clean, and well groomed. Students will not be allowed to wear un- natural hair colors such as purple, green, orange, etc.
• Extremes in make-up and face paint are not permitted.
• Shirts shall be neat, clean, and buttoned except for the top button.
• Boys should be clean-shaven. Beards are not permitted, and mustaches and sideburns must be clean and well groomed.
• Sideburns should be no longer than the bottom of the ear.
• Boys will not be permitted to wear earrings. No other visible body piercing will be permitted for any student, including tongue rings and spacers.
• Tattoos should be covered at school.
• Clothing which desecrates the flag; advertises narcotic, alcoholic, or tobacco products; or contains sexual references or innuendos are prohibited.
• Caps or hats are not allowed in the buildings. Caps should be worn in an appropriate manner. Caps will not be worn backward. Caps/hats worn in the building are subject to being confiscated. No bandanas or sweat bands allowed on campus.
• Billfold chains are prohibited.
• No excessive makeup, jewelry, or accessories is allowed.
• Shoes must be worn at all times-no slippers.
• No pajamas or “pajama-like” pants and sleepwear are allowed.

Dress Code for Students Assigned To DAEP (SWIS):

When students are assigned to DAEP, they are required to follow the school dress code with the following additional requirements:
All students wear blue jeans or slacks with a belt and enclosed shoes.
• All students wear white collared shirts tucked in so that the belt is visible.
• No coats, jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts may be worn over clothing in the classroom. Students will be required to remove them when they enter the room.

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